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Under the Personal Property & Securities Act RSO 1990 (PPSA) or Repair & Storage Lien Act RSO 1990 (RSLA), Bailiffs appointed by the Ministry of Consumer & Business Services under the Bailiffs Act are the legal authority to repossess vehicles and equipment in Ontario.

Vehicle, Boat and Motorized Equipment Recovery

Should a debtor default under any of the aforementioned Acts, we provide seizure, storage and sale services to recover arrears owed. We trace and locate automobiles, transport trucks trailers, boats, motorhomes, snowmobiles, watercraft. jet skis, ATV's, construction and industrial equipment.

Asset Recovery

Should a debtor under conditional sales agreement, contract or lease default on his/her payments, the lien holder may choose to recover or repossess the goods and chattels. Asset recovery includes:
  • Office Computers
  • Furnishings
  • Industrial Equipment
  • Heavy Machinery
  • Restaurant Equipment